Lake County Disaster & Recovery Assistance

Disaster Resource List SPDisaster Resource List

Road to Recovery

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster can be daunting and this guide is intended to help you recover after disasters. Bookmark this page and use it as a guide to recovery. Access the Resources page to quickly connect with local available resources.

Winter Storms 2024

Sheriff Howe declared a local emergency on February 5, 2024, due to impacts from the winter storms, including excessive rainfall, high winds, and snow. Use the following resources to keep yourself and your neighbors safe during these local emergencies.

Damage AssessmentIf you or your business were affected by the 2024 Late January, Early February Winter Storm, please report damages by clicking this button.  Lake County residents and business owners who have sustained damage to their primary structure are encouraged to participate in a damage assessment. This damage assessment is needed to identify potential pathways for assistance from the State of California and/or federal government. You may also call the Community Development Department at (707) 263-2221 to complete the assessment.

  • Lake County OES - Lake County OES pinned a post with important links to help you stay informed on their Facebook page.  Additional winter weather systems may impact the County and residents are encouraged to stay prepared. Please follow the OES Facebook page to see the steps for staying prepared.

Immediate Needs

Emergency food, shelter, and clothing.

Disaster & Financial Assistance

Dealing with financial challenges after a disaster can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Let us help get you started.

Property Damage

Debris removal, property or smoke damage clean-up, and rebuilding information and resources can be found on the Property page.


For information on how to work with your insurance company or additional financial information for uninsured or underinsured individuals visit our Insurance page.

Disaster Preparation

Replacing Vital Documents

Instructions on how to replace lost or damaged personal documents including birth certificates and driver's licenses can be found on the Document Replacement page.

Veteran's Assistance

Resources for Veterans of the Armed Forces.

Emotional Health

When we experience a disaster, people react with increased anxiety, worry and anger. Learn more about how to reach out for help yourself or to assist someone in your care on the Mental Health Resources page.


If you are unable to work due to the disaster, Disaster Unemployment Assistance is available.

Fire Resources and Information