Public Guardian

The Public Guardian serves as the Court-appointed conservator for adults who are determined to be gravely disabled due to a mental or medical illness and, as a result are unable to provide for their own basic needs. There are two types of Conservatorships; Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Conservatorships and Probate Conservatorships. LPS Conservatorships are established for individuals who are gravely disabled as a result of mental illness.

The Public Guardian works in partnership with Lake County Behavioral Health for all LPS Conservatorships. An LPS Conservatorship lasts for one year; if necessary, the Public Guardian can petition the Court to renew the conservatorship. Probate Conservatorships are established for individuals determined disabled as a result of a medical illness. The Public Guardian is generally appointed as conservator when there are no family members who are willing or able to be appointed. A conservator may be responsible for the estate, the person, or both the estate and the person.

Referrals typically come from doctors and hospitals, but if you have any questions regarding Public Guardian services in Lake County, please call 707-995-4680 and ask to speak to the Public Guardian supervisor.