Clubs & Meetings

Share, learn and create by joining a library club or attending a library meeting. The library has clubs and recurring events on a variety of topics to spark creativity and create communities of people who are engaged in lifelong learning together. 

All clubs are free and all are welcome to attend.

Want to join a meeting or club? Fill out the survey to register or call your local branch.

Please look for specific dates and times on the library calendar. The times listed are the usual time the clubs meet, but that can change due to holidays or staff availability.

Book Clubs

Great Reads Book Club
Third Wednesday Afternoon - Lakeport Library
At this meeting, we share the books we’ve read independently and make recommendations of our own.

Lakeport Evening Book Club
First Wednesday Evening - Lakeport Library
Led by a Library Volunteer. Reads and discusses the same book as a group each month.

Happy Trails Hiking Book Club
Last Saturday Morning Monthly - Redbud Library
Discusses books on a theme while walking at various County Locations

Aging, Dying, and Afterlife Discussion Group
Third Saturday Morning - Upper Lake Library
Led by a Library Volunteer. Discuss the same book each month on the topics of aging, dying, and the afterlife.

Crafting Clubs

Creative Club
Third Saturday Morning - Lakeport Library
Share your own craft projects, learn about the library resource Creativebug, and try your hand at a new craft each month.

Fabric Club
First Saturday Morning - Lakeport Library
Share, learn & create with sewing, quilting, embroidery, fabric-folding & other fabric crafts.

Cookbook Club
Second Thursday Afternoon - Lakeport Library
Prepare, share & critique recipes.

Garden Book Club
First Tuesday Morning - Lakeport Library
Share gardening stories, and tips and review gardening books.

Open Maker Lab
Fourth Saturday Morning - Lakeport Library
Drop in and discuss the current project you are working on. You can share your own tips and tricks and get help from others.

Yarn Wizards
Second Saturday Morning - Lakeport Library
Come work on your yarn-based projects at the library and share techniques.

Every Saturday Afternoon - Redbud Library
Calling all knitters and crocheters, all cross-stitchers and needlepoint, and every stitch in between.

A Discovery of Stitches
First Wednesday Afternoon - Redbud Library
Teen and Tween (Ages 10 to 17) stitch club. 

Second Saturday Jewelry Club
Second Saturday - Redbud Library
Come make jewelry at the library. 

Yarn Club
Third Tuesday Afternoon - Upper Lake Library
People of all ages comes and share yarn crafts.


Genealogy Class
Second and Fourth Saturday Afternoons - Lakeport Library
Learn about genealogy! Led by the Lake County Genealogical Society.

Genealogy Open Lab
First Tuesday Afternoon - Lakeport Library
Come work on and discuss genealogy. Led by the Lake County Genealogical Society.

Walking Group
Every Thursday morning - Lakeport Library
Participate in a one-hour group walk starting at the Lakeport Library.

Family Activities

Chess Club
Every Thursday Afternoon - Middletown Library
A day of friendly competition that's open to all ages and skill levels.

Middletown Dungeons and Dragons Club
Every Friday Afternoon - Middletown Library
Join us for the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign and character building. The suggested age is 13 and up.

Redbud Dungeons and Dragons Club
Every Saturday Morning - Redbud Library
Join us for the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign and character building. The suggested age is 13 and up.

Magic the Gathering
Fourth Wednesday Afternoon - Redbud Library
Join us at the library for Magic the Gathering (ages 13+)

Family Game Time
Second and Fourth Tuesday Afternoon - Lakeport Library
Second Wednesday Evening - Redbud Library

Every Saturday Afternoon - Middletown Library
Come play the library's board games or bring your own!

Nintendo Switch
First and Third Tuesday Afternoon - Lakeport Library
Every Thursday Afternoon - Redbud Library
Every Wednesday Afternoon, except the Third - Middletown Library

Come play the library's Nintendo Switch.

Lego Club
Every Friday Afternoon - Lakeport, Redbud, and Upper Lake Library
Every Saturday Morning - Middletown Library

Come build with the library's LEGO blocks.

Every Friday Morning - Lakeport Library (Library Park in Summer)
Every Thursday Morning - Redbud Library
Every Tuesday Morning - Middletown Library

Come to picture book storytime at the library.

Monthly Kid's Craft
Third Wednesday Afternoon - all Branches
Come make a fun kid's craft at the library.

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