Accessory Structures

Accessory structures are usually detached, incidental, subordinate buildings to the primary legally permitted main use or building on the same lot or parcel.  Residential and commercial accessory structures are treated differently than those used for agricultural purposes that are considered part of the primary farming activity.

For more information, view Zoning Ordinance Definitions, Article 68 (PDF).

When a Building Permit Is Required

Any structure over 12 feet in height or larger than 120 square feet requires a Building Permit. Accessory structures, including sheds, that are less than 12 feet in height and less than 120 square feet require a Zoning Clearance. For more information concerning setbacks and height requirements please review your Zoning Code:

  • Setback exceptions for detached accessory structures and buildings:
  • Setbacks exceptions for garages and carports:

Agricultural Exempt Structures

View the Exempt Agricultural Building Permit Application (PDF).