Known Environmental Consultants

List of Known Environmental Consultants

The Community Development Department (CDD) has prepared a list of known environmental consultants to reach out to for the preparation of environmental reviews associated with cannabis cultivation permits.

Initial Studies

The county is currently accepting Initial Studies from consultants on a very limited basis. At this time the CDD does not have an approved list of environmental consultants. The County is still the lead agency for outside prepared environmental reviews - Work prepared by a consultant must be verified by the Community Development Department prior to the CDD submitting these documents into the California Environmental Quality Act system.

An Initial Study should only be prepared once an application has been reviewed, deemed complete by the CDD, and any/all agency comments have been remedied. The agency and tribal consultation portions of the permitting process provide crucial information, that if not addressed, could impact the drafting of the environmental review, and/or delay the process. Potential land use and other related issues must be reviewed before an application can proceed to the environmental review phase to prevent any unnecessary delays. Additionally, applications still have to undergo the full permitting process if an outside environmental review is completed. For example, if a brand new application is submitted with a draft initial study, the application would still need to undergo a completeness check, Request for Review, AB52 consultation at a minimum of 90 days.


Please note the following:

  1. This is a list of known environmental consultants for information purposes only
  2. The CDD does not make any representations about the consultant's workload or qualifications. All submitted draft studies will be reviewed for completeness, sufficiency, and accuracy before being submitted to the State Clearinghouse