Lake Evacuation & Animal Protection (LEAP)

LEAP is our county's animal disaster response group. It is made up of two different groups of people: the Animal Care and Control staff, as well as a group of highly trained volunteers. All volunteers have completed the necessary applications and submitted copies of their driving records.

Training Requirements

Volunteers must complete the ICS training series 100, 200, and NIMS 700, as well as attend our annual training. Most have even been through a two or three day animal disaster preparedness course offered by NVADG or a similar humane organization.


During times of significant tragedy or disaster, the first responders (Fire Crews or Law Enforcement) can activate our services. Only first responders can put LEAP into action. Our group does not exist until such time as we are requested by these key players.


Once we are activated we leap into action and setup an animal staging area, or base of operations, near the incident, where all members will work from for the duration of the event. We not only offer assistance to anyone that might need help at the staging area, but we actively go into the evacuation area and can remove animals as needed, or simply shelter animals in place, checking on their safety and food/water needs.

If you are interested in joining our group, please call the animal shelter at 707-263-0278 or email Veronica.

If you have any questions, contact Jonathan Armas by email.