Victim-Witness Division

The Victim-Witness Division of the Office of the District Attorney provides support to victims of crime through all aspects of the criminal justice system and civil matters such as domestic violence and elder/dependent adult abuse restraining orders. We are the victim's liaison to law enforcement and the prosecutor.

We also provide applications to the California Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board to provide victims with mental health counseling, medical/dental bills, funeral/burial expenses, home/vehicle modifications, wage/income loss, and relocation in appropriate cases.

All of our advocates handle every type of crime, however, we do have specialized advocates whose primary focus is elder/dependent adult abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse.

We provide clients with local resources if we are unable to directly provide them.

Victim-Witness Division

The Victim-Witness Division provides immediate crisis response for victims of crime. The staff also functions as the liaison for victims and witnesses with all components of the criminal justice system. Funding for these services is provided primarily through various grants from the State and Federal governments.

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