Notary Oath Filing


The County Clerk's Office does not notarize documents but does maintain an index of notaries in Lake County. Notaries are also listed in the yellow pages of the phone book, some banks, title companies, etc.

Becoming a Notary Public

To become a California Notary Public, call the Secretary of State Notary Public Division at 916-263-3520 for information and applications.

Filing Requirements

  • Must be completed within 30 days of the commission issuance date
  • A notary bond for $15,000 must be provided and signed by the notary (as principal)
  • Bring Commission and 2 copies of Oath issued by Secretary of State
  • Cash, check, or money order for $28 payable to the Lake County Clerk
  • Name on commission, bond, and oath must be exactly the same
  • Photo identification, i.e. driver's license
  • Cash, check, or money order for $14 for the first page and $3 for any additional page payable to the Lake County Recorder for recording your bond

All the above should be brought to the following address for the oath to be administered and the filing to be completed:

Lake County Clerk-Auditor Controller's Office
255 N Forbes Street
Lakeport, CA 95453

Surrendering Notary Journals

If any notary public resigns, is disqualified, removed from office, or allows his or her appointment to expire without obtaining reappointment within 30 days, all notarial records and papers shall be delivered within 30 days to the Clerk of the County in which the notary public's current official oath of office is on file. If the notary public willfully fails or refused to deliver all notarial records and papers to the County Clerk within 30 days, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be personally liable for damages to any person injured by the action or inaction.

In the case of the death of a notary public, the personal representative of the deceased shall promptly notify the Secretary of State of the death of the notary public and shall deliver all notarial records and papers of the deceased to the clerk of the county in which the notary publics official oath of office is on file.

If you need further information regarding notaries in California, you may call the County Clerk's Office at 707-263-2311 or visit our office Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.