Pesticide Use

The Lake County Department of Agriculture protects human health and the environment by regulating pesticide sales and use and by supporting integrated pest management and best practices. Under the guidance and direction of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB), the Agricultural Commissioner enforces state laws and regulations pertaining to pesticide use, sales, licensing, worker protection safety, and pesticide use reporting.

Industries We Work with

  • Maintenance Gardeners
  • Structural Pest Control Companies
  • Agricultural Pest Control Operators
  • Pesticide Dealers
  • Public Agencies
  • Golf Courses, Industrial Sites, and other businesses whose employees use pesticides

We also assist landowners and property operators who wish to purchase and use regulated pesticides.


Growers obtain permits from our office to purchase and use pesticides. Pesticide Use Enforcement staff evaluate each permit application to determine if the pesticide can be used safely and effectively. Some pesticides require notice prior to use to assure permit conditions are met. Pesticide Use Reports are examined to monitor the use of Restricted Materials and track the agricultural and commercial use of pesticides in the county.

Pesticide laws may overlap with other agencies responsibilities such as environmental health, air quality, and food safety. We also work in conjunction with other local, State and Federal agencies.

Our Duties

  • Permit evaluation and issuance
  • Investigation of pesticide related episodes, illnesses, injuries and complaints
  • Periodic training sessions for pesticide users
  • Compliance and enforcement actions
  • Pesticide Dealer and Business Employer records inspections
  • Presentations to community and business groups
  • Private Applicator Certification
  • Registration of businesses who perform pest control in Lake County
  • Beekeeper Notification of proposed pesticide use
  • Pesticide pre-application inspections to assure permit compliance is met
  • Issuing Restricted Materials Permits and Operator ID numbers
  • Monitoring and inspection of pesticide applications, record keeping, storage and container disposal
  • Ensure compliance with Worker Safety regulations
  • Regulating activities of Licensed Pesticide Dealers, Applicators and Advisors
  • Provide industry and public education programs
  • Registration of Farm Labor Contractors
  • Support sustainable agriculture and Integrated Pest Management
  • Promote uniform enforcement programs and develop appropriate county permit conditions
  • Collect pesticide use data for DPR/Cal EPA

How You Can Help

  • Read and follow all pesticide label directions.
  • Make sure maintenance gardeners you hire are licensed if they apply pesticides.
  • Store all pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc) in a safe place.

Pesticide Use Reporting

Pesticide use reports are required to be submitted to our office by the 10th day of the month following the month in which the work was performed. Pesticide Use Reports can be submitted either electronically through the CalAg Permits website or by using the appropriate paper form.

CalAg Permits

CalAg Permits is the new statewide permitting and pesticide use reporting system. This online program allows a permit holder to view their permit, submit Pesticide Use Reports, and Notices of Intent. To access your information you will need to obtain a user ID and temporary password by contacting our office.

Production Agriculture Monthly Pesticide Use Report

Growers and pest control businesses that are applying pesticides for the production of an agricultural commodity should submit their usage on a Production Agricultural Pesticide Monthly Use Report Form (PDF).

Monthly Summary Pesticide Use Report

Maintenance Gardeners, Structural Pest Control Businesses, and Wineries making SO2 applications should submit their information on Monthly Summary Pesticide Use Report (MSPUR) (PDF) forms.

Pesticide Licensing

Employee Pesticide Training

The following information has been provided to assist you in developing an employee training program. Title 3 Division 6 (Chapter 3 Subchapter 3) of the California Code of Regulations (CCR6700-6795) pertains to Worker Health and Safety and should be read carefully. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like us to review your program.