Seed Library

Image of someone holding a seedling

The seed libraries contain many varieties of flowers and vegetable seeds. Patrons can take seeds home to plant in their own gardens. When the seeds sprout, patrons donate back some of the new seeds. This method replenishes the seed library, gives everyone access to wholesome food sources, and also ensures that the seed libraries reflect what grows well in Lake County.

To obtain seeds, patrons will need to sign up for a seed library card. Membership in the seed library is free and you don’t even have to live in Lake County.

The seed library invites donations of saved vegetable and flower seeds. To improve the chances of success for your seed’s next grower, donated seeds should be saved from open-pollinated plants, not hybrids, saved from “easy” plants such as beans, peas, tomatoes and lettuce, and saved from a number of healthy plants. Seeds should be clean, dry and properly labeled.

The Lake County Library requested donations from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, Hudson Valley Seed Company, and Quail Seeds Floret, and these companies generously donated hundreds of seeds.

For more information about the seed library visit your local branch.