Economic Development

Lake County officials are committed to creating a favorable environment for business while maintaining the area's high quality of life for all.

The Lake County Marketing and Economic Development Program is a division of the Lake County Administrative Office and actively works to promote tourism and commerce in Lake County; efforts include media relations, visitor attraction, film commission, community beautification, and business assistance.

Staff members are personally available to meet with developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to facilitate quality development and encourage business growth. For information, call 707-263-2580.

Opportunities for business development are plentiful, local government is eager to assist, and numerous resources are available to help business and development interests.

In Lake County, a strong entrepreneurial spirit is present among local business owners, many of whom are active in their support of two local chambers of commerce and numerous local business associations. Lake County also has an efficient and friendly network of service providers ready to assist with business development and expansion.

Purpose & Goals

To pursue economic development and diversification, employee training, infrastructure improvements, marketing, technical assistance, and governmental efficiency while being sensitive to the need to protect the quality of life.

  • Market Lake County and attract businesses
  • Prepare land for economic development through the construction of infrastructure and the provision of public services
  • Coordinate and support a network of service providers to assist business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Expand and improve job training and related services
  • Provide a productive regulatory environment in support of business growth
  • Strive to improve and maintain the high quality of life in Lake County

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