Recommended Maintenance Activities

Recommended Maintenance Activities

  1. Managers should always try to observe all interceptor cleaning/maintenance activities to ensure the device is properly cleaned and operational.
  • Reason: Grease interceptor service companies may take shortcuts, and not completely clean the interceptor.
  • Benefit: Witnessing this activity will ensure you are getting the full value for your money.

2. Clean under-sink hydromechanical grease interceptors weekly. If interceptors are more than 25% full, increase the cleaning frequency.

  • Reason: Weekly (or more frequent) cleaning of the hydromechanical grease interceptors by the facility's own staff will reduce the costs. If the facility does not have a gravity grease interceptor, the hydromechanical grease interceptor is the only means of preventing grease from entering the sewer system.
  • Benefit: Cleaning under-sink hydromechanical grease interceptors frequently will reduce the frequency and cost of gravity grease interceptor cleaning and minimize odors.

3. Clean gravity grease interceptors routinely.

  • Reason: Gravity grease interceptors must be cleaned routinely to insure that grease accumulation does not cause the interceptor to operate poorly.
  • Benefit: Routine cleaning will prevent plugging of the sewer lateral, and need to hire someone to unplug it.

4. Keep a Maintenance Log.

  • Reason: The maintenance log serves as a record of the frequency and volume of cleaning and maintenance, and helps ensure the interceptor is cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Benefit: The maintenance log will help with scheduling (frequency) of cleaning and will give the inspector evidence that proper and frequent maintenance is being provided in compliance with the sewer use ordinance section VI-6.

For additional information or answers to your questions, please feel free to contact the Lake County Special Districts Administration, at 707-263-0119.